Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Promise

Why did I meddle in Forex Trading? My answer is because of its promise.

I used to read currencies and exchange rates in newspapers. And as OFW, when I go to the bank to remit my income, I always check the exchange rates. Way back, during the Asean crisis, I was telling myself that if I had my money in dollars, I would earn so many pesos from its daily depreciation; remember when it went up from 25 to more than 40 pesos per US dollar in just a few months…? So I became more curious about Forex. And so one day, a year and many months ago, I stumbled over the internet OANDA – an FX site. I read their forum for days, and in the process search downloadable pdfs, read a bunch of books on FX trading, and traded virtual money for several months to apply and practice what I read. I actually have, still, in my room, over 3 feet tall of printed references on FX which I read and review when the days are boring, and when I got nothing to do. Why? Life in the desert is harsh; boredom is a nemesis that’s difficult to manage, to survive we have to occupy both our minds and body with something…whatever that means.

Ok, so what's the promise that I am talking about?

Well…even if it's just a "hobby" for now, I believe in its promise. The promise that one day, when I become really good at it, that is, when I consistently profit from my trade, that it would save me from slaving myself here…sa disyerto…. that I would be my own employer, that it would free me from dealing with bosses, and ass-kissing co-workers. That it would also free me from depending on somebody else for my salary raise, my bonus, my work hours, and the places that I want to visit. The promise, that I would really earn, big time, just right in front of my monitor… home, I mean in paradise, in a paradise located in a small island in the central Philippines, where my home is.

And of course, the promise of my own beach front, swimming pool, and a number of aliping namamahay and saguiguilids… that will do my bidding anytime!

In other words, the promise of absolute economic freedom….for life.