Sunday, December 25, 2005

Ngayon ay Pasko

We slept late last night. We rehearsed our PPT presentations for today; for one of our clients - the largest oil company in the world. Going to their offices is somewhat strict. The audience was very few, only around 8 of them. I am sure they were impressed with what we have presented. And so, pretty sure na, another large five year project would be awarded to the company. least tapos na, now I can blog.

I tried calling my family in the Philippines this morning before going to the office, but all the lines were busy! But with persistence, I was able to talk to my mom, nieces, brothers, cousin in Dubai, and sent holiday emails to various friends.

One of my pamangkins had asked me for a Christmas gift, and I told him, next year na lang, when I get back. And he told me, I should give it now because he might be spending his next Christmas in a military school in Baguio - kaya ayon, I told him to just get it from his Grandma next week. I have to call mother to instruct her to disburse some of my funds as gift to my pamangkin...2000 pesoses lang naman. Cge na nga - parang pabuya na rin. But I told him not to tell any of his brothers or sisters, and/or cousins, na meron syang pamasko - otherwise I will be compelled to distribute a fortune sa dami ng pamangkin ko.

He will be the second pamangkin to enter the military school, his younger brother is already there and will be finishing in 2009. One of my brothers and one of my sisters, and their wife and husband, respectively, are also in the military service. Andami ng militar sa aming pamilya...apart from a number of my cousins that are already in the service.

Ang kapatid ko talaga...pag hindi scholar ang anak nya, like his other son who is in PhilSci, he'll send him to military school...para ala daw gastos. Kaya ang isa kong pamangkin, I am sure, will be striving to get a college scholarship, or he'll end up in the military establisment... mahal na raw kasi magpa-aral ng college sa Pilipinas ngayon.