Monday, November 14, 2005

Gasoline Prices

The other day we (I, an Indian guy and an American) went to Jubail to survey the coast where oil leaks occurred earlier this year. We went there to continue the survey so as to finish our report. We did some beach seining (a fishing gear used on beaches to catch fish and other swimming organisms), we were able to collect a good number of fish and gastropods. We also collected water samples for TPH (hydrocarbon) analysis.

On our way back to Al Khobar we went to a gas station and my mind suddenly run into math mode. I calculated and compared the prices of gasoline here vis a vis the Philippines. A liter of gasoline in Saudi costs 0.92 riyal which translates to around 12 to 13 pesos per liter! In the Philippines, I think the cost is around 37 pesos per liter a difference of 25 pesos per liter…hay…. see the difference!

The consolation is… mahal ang tubig dito, a small bottle here would cost you 1 riyal.